Centrifugal Faith

Posted: December 15, 2009 in spiritual growth

Centrifugal Faith.

Hi there, this post has been on my heart for some time now; whilst reading John Pritchard’s, The Life and work of a Priest, I came across these words; “The Church has an unfortunate tendency to consume its members. Christians are drawn deeper and deeper into church – related activities, forgetting that the energy of the Holy Spirit is centrifugal, constantly trying to throw us out into the community beyond the church.” and immediately said. “I’m always saying that”

This sent me back to my coal mining days where my experience of using, installing centrifugal pumps kicked in.These types of pumps are used in many operations with various fluids, underground they are used for moving water from places to enable mining work to be carried out.

Installations range from small to massive as can be seen above. The main point that water in this case is drawn through the eye of the impeller and the centrifugal force throws the water outwards and upwards to another destination.

The area is cleared of water and safe working can proceed.

So what’s this got to do with Faith you may ask?

Good point, well, a centrifugal pump (faith) needs inputs and outputs to work correctly. It moves things; the energy within us the Holy Spirit cannot be contained or constrained by work that goes now where.

The point is for us to receive him (drawn in through our eye which is our heart) this energises us and causes an outward motion of love and works to others.

Another interesting point is that the theoretical values are always higher than the actual output.

The theoretical characteristic of a centrifugal pump is a parabola starting from the origin and proportional to the square of the speed.

The reasons for this are;

  • Slippage (self)
  • Dirt in the system (sin)
  • Loss of head (to far from source)
  • Friction (conflict with self and others)

Sounds familiar!

Centrifugal Faith, if we can overcome these tendency’s we can become more efficiently used in the Kingdom of God.

Sounds familiar!

Sometimes the pumps have to be primed with water as air gets in the system and cause problems such as banging and thumping of pipes and with huge noises being prevalent this is quite scary.

Being constantly immersed in water (Holy Spirit) helps these problems from occurring.

Well I hope I have set your minds whirring today, my main aim is to encourage you to receive Him in your hearts and let the flow of God keep sending you out into the mission field.

God Bless.

  1. Tony H says:

    Great thoughts Andy!

  2. Thanks Andrew. A good illustration, and one that fits in with Matthew 28, and Mark 16. I was listening to Jarrod Cooper this morning on UCB TV, and his speech about Mission, Being Willing, and Having a Global Outlook goes well with this. Bless you mate. David.

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